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UAE Cabinet approves Federal Decree Law number 10 2019 to tackle domestic violence

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, announced the launch of a family protection decree to tackle domestic violence while chairing a meeting of the UAE Cabinet on Monday.

Sheikh Mohammed said the strategy would support authorities in their efforts to safeguard all sections of society.

The UAE Cabinet adopts the Family Protection Policy which aims at preserving the family’s cohesion as the centre unit in society. The Policy unifies concepts, forms and procedures thus contributing to a harmonized framework.

The directive is expected to help strengthen family ties, increase awareness of domestic abuse and train staff to detect potential dangers and intervene more efficiently.

"Today, we have approved the family protection policy, and measures of security, intervention and prevention of all kinds of family violence," Sheikh Mohammed wrote on Twitter.

"In the UAE, we do not tolerate any kind of harm against children, elderly or vulnerable women."

A database will be introduced to bring together various institutions working to combat the issue, allowing them to share information and work together to boost the safety of at-risk groups.

A standardised system to report incidents of domestic abuse will also be created.

Elsewhere on the agenda, the Cabinet announced plans to regulate voluntary work across the Emirates.

The Arabic original version narrates that

كما أقررنا خلال الاجتماع اليوم سياسة حماية الأسرة .. أقررنا آليات حماية وتدخل ووقاية من كل أنواع العنف الأسري .. لا نتسامح في دولة الامارات مع اي نوع من الأذى نحو طفل صغير .. أو شيخ كبير .. أو إمرأة ضعيفة

Several initiatives will be launched as part of the law , especially the establishment of a unified database linking institutions dealing with family protection at the federal level, introducing university disciplines in the field of family protection, and establishing a standardised system for reporting and receiving complaints at the federal level. Other initiatives are building and implementing necessary action for prevention of domestic violence, and the issuance of a law and strategy for family protection among others.

This policy was approved on 29th Aug 2019 and added in gazette on 10th Nov 2019. The law will be implemented once the cabinet suggests the effective date.

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