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Provisions of the Child Rights Law

The UAE gives top priority to children's care and development. At the federal level, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Community Development undertake protection of children.

Social Care and Minors Affairs Foundation in Abu Dhabi and Awqaf and Minors Affairs Foundation in Dubai support the federal entities in ensuring the well-being of minors.

The UAE has initiated Child Rights Law also called Wudeema's Law and several regulations and initiatives to support this.

On the second anniversary of its enactment, the UAE Cabinet issued the Executive Regulations (the ‘Regulations’) to provide the framework for its application and in effect, strengthen the provisions of the Child Rights Law(Aug 2019 )

Although the child Rights Law includes provisions that were already regulated by former existing UAE laws, but still UAE officials take strep forward by re-regulating special Child Protection Units (the ‘CPUs’) and also stipulate the powers and necessary conditions of Child Protection Specialists (the ‘CPS’).

The officials have exclusive authority to protect the child in UAE

Under Article 7, the Regulations empower the CPUs with a wide range of authority, including but not limited to:

  • receiving, evaluating and documenting reports on any violations of a child’s rights

  • taking preventative measures to protect the child from actual or possible abuse in coordination with the competent bodies

  • providing counselling and support to families and those children exposed to exploitation, violence or any other form of abuse

  • providing counselling and guidance to the custodians of the child on socialization and identifying surrounding risks and the ways to avoid them

  • following up on the families and children during their improvement plan assessing their condition and progress as well as making the necessary recommendations in this regard

  • assisting investigations into alleged crimes against children.


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