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New resolution on the regulation of health information and advertising

The Chairman of the Department of Health in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Hamed, issued Resolution No. (37) of 2019 on the regulation of health information and advertising.

Article 2 of the decision, which was published in the latest issue of the official gazette of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, stipulates that this regulation shall apply to the advertising and media activity on health products and services in the Emirate, following the objective, vision and mission of the Department.

The person requesting the permit to observe that the advertisement or media is compatible with public morals and does not come out of the elements of images and writings on Islamic literature and to take into account the customs and traditions of society in the State and not to prejudice public modesty, Classical Arabic language rules in the text of the advertisement or media, and that the scientific and health reforms used in the advertisement are correct, and that the advertisement or the media does not contain anything that may harm public health or others or may lead to misleading the public or be contrary to the truth. And the media is clear does not inevitably interpret interpretation and does not tolerate the expectations are not guaranteed.

The same article also states that the person applying for the permit must commit that the advertisement or the media should not contain suggestions or ideas that cause the public to panic or fear by making them believe that he or she is suffering from a serious illness, harmful, contagious or infectious disease, By treating diseases in ways and methods that have not been proven to be effective and their results are not recognized and licensed by the Department, in addition to the commitment to stay away from words of exaggeration and exaggeration such as "only, unique, unparalleled, the finest products, beware of imitation, magic formula, miracle come true and others .." Your ad text or media may cause you to be lured, and to comply with any Controls or other requirements set by the Chamber.


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