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Ministerial Resolution No. 663 of 2022 - Emiratization Regulation in the Private Sector

Ministerial Resolution No. 663 of 2022 regarding compliance with Emiratization regulations in the private sector.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization issued Ministerial Resolution No. 663 of 2022 regarding compliance with Emiratization regulations in the private sector, which defines the controls for compliance with Emiratization systems, job advertisements, and employer obligations when hiring a citizen,

and enabling the citizen to perform his work and obligations by providing the appropriate place and tools, and the resolution also regulates Ministerial fines and related penalties.

According to Article 2 of the resolution, establishments are prohibited from referring to government policies or their benefits in advertisements for Emiratization jobs without prior permission

from the Ministry, and it is also prohibited to publish any misleading advertisements that do not represent available and real job opportunities or at non-skilled professional levels.

The resolution also defines the employer's obligations when hiring a citizen and enabling him to perform his work and obligations.

As stated in Article 5 of the resolution, the employer is obligated when hiring a citizen to do the following:

1- Obtaining a work permit for a citizen from the Ministry.

2- Conclusion of an employment contract in accordance with the regulations in force in the Ministry.

3- Payment of the agreed wage according to the wage protection systems approved by the Ministry.

4- Register the citizen and pay the monthly contributions to the pension and social security system in accordance with the legislation regulating this within a month from the date of issuance of his work permit.

5- Cancellation of the citizen's work permit immediately after the end of the contractual relationship.

6- Reporting any change to the employment contract that affects the conditions for benefiting from the benefits of the "Nafes" program.

The resolution stipulated in Article 6 that the citizen, upon joining the private sector, must abide by the obligations stipulated in the decree-law regarding the organization of labor relations, its executive regulations, and all relevant resolutions, as well as all the obligations contained in the

work contract signed by him. The citizen must also inform the ministry of any practice that violates the provisions of This resolution and related resolutions.

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