MEALC boosts its ranks with three new trainee associates – A step to support Emiratization in UAE

Middle East Alliance law firm Abu Dhabi has boosted its ranks with three new trainee associates – A step to support Emiratization in UAE . Traineeship across its network of offices and will develop their skills and knowledge working across a variety of legal disciplines.

Dr Haitham Salman , Managing Partner at Middle East Alliance law firm Abu Dhabi said: “We know that our trainees are the key to the future success of the Emirates and GCC region over all .

They include Leith Osama Khaleel AL Najjar and from Abu Dhabi, Mariam from Abu Dhabi and Ayesha Alam from Abu Dhabi . Ayesha has done her LLB from London school of law.

Trainee Lieth , added: I have been able to write this after thinking a lot because my time which I am spent in Middle East Alliance is the most productive and power pack duration. I got an opportunity to not only practically revise my topics and but also by practically observing how a big law firm work dealing cooperate clients.

Trainee Ayesha Alam further added:

"My time as an intern at Middle East Alliance Legal Consultancy LLC has been filled with knowledge that I will carry with me throughout my legal career. It has enhanced and improved my legal research skills, seeing that some of the tasks I were given required me to do legal research.

Accordingly, considering that the consultancy firm specializes in various areas of law, I was able to get hands on experience on many cases regarding the multiple areas of law. My internship at Middle East Alliance has introduced me to an insight on what a legal career is like- especially in the Middle East. It has allowed me to gain first-hand experience on legal cases, which has taught me a lot in comparison to a university course."

New Intern Enas Abdulah Al Maznaei said that I am new in the firm and my moral is high to learn the practices which my seniors are doing already.


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