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Law No. 14 of 2023 regarding the Establishment of the Government Enablement Department.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President of the State, issued Law No. 14 of 2023 regarding the establishment of the Government Enablement Department.

The Department of Government Enablement-Abu Dhabi replaces the Department of Government Support, the Human Resources Authority of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the Abu Dhabi Government Academy, and the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority. The Statistics Center-Abu Dhabi is also one of the entities affiliated with the Department.

To achieve its objectives, the Department undertakes the following specializations:
  1. Enacting general and strategic plans for the government enablement sector and approving them by the Executive Council and supervising them.

  2. Regulating the government enablement sector in all aspects through the state of emergency and the regulations, regulations, and regulatory systems for the sector.

  3. Follow up and measure the national performance of government agencies within the sectors of the government sector to enable them to fulfill the promise of general legislation in this regard.

  4. Developing and unifying the operation of the technology department of information panels and electronic systems for the areas of the government enablement sector in coordination with the relevant departments.

  5. Developing a unified a regulatory model for the areas of the government enablement sector for government agencies.

  6. Providing specialized research and studies in the government enablement affairs sector in coordination with relevant bodies.

  7. Participationwiththeprivatesectortomodernizethegovernmentenablementandeffectivenesssectorincoordinationwiththerelevantbodies.

  8. Representing the emirate in conferences and buses related to the government enablement sector.

  9. He referred to the supervision of subordinate representatives, including only their budgets and revenues that achieve their commitment to their duties, jurisdiction, and strategic and executive votes.

  10. The codes, tariffs, and prices related to the various specializations in accordance with the applicable legislation.

  11. Submitting periodic reports and analytical studies to the Abu Dhabi Executive Office regarding the department’s tasks.

The Human Resources Authority specializations:
  • Establishing human resources planning requirements and standards and following up on their application in government schools.

  • Supporting human resources management in government agencies.

  • Managing job opportunities and improving, managing, and recruiting talent through major IT information systems and human data resources, in coordination with specialized departments in accordance with commercial legislation.

  • Developing a performance management system for government offices.

  • Establishing requirements and standards for the competencies and skills necessary for government employees and measuring those skills, competencies, and abilities in accordance with job requirements.

  • Developing, offering, and approving training, qualification, and career development programs for employees of government agencies and supervising their implementation.

  • Coordinating with government agencies regarding national employees nominated for scholarships, evaluating the academic performance of scholarship students, and studying applications related to their academic affairs, in accordance with applicable legislation.

In the field of Emiratization Affairs:
  • Develop strategies, plans, policies and programs for Emiratization in government agencies and related indicators, and support their implementation and supervision, in coordination with the relevant authorities.

  • Establishing central information systems to manage workforce data and organizing the collection and analysis of labor market data to guide employment programs and manage appropriate Emiratization opportunities in government agencies.

  • Establishing an integrated system to manage the journey of job seekers, including their registration, evaluation, development of skills and competencies, and establishing partnerships with educational institutions to ensure that education outcomes are directed to meet future needs in the government.

  • Develop and approve job referral plans in government agencies and supervise their implementation.

In the field of Government Procurement and Bidding Affairs:
  • Establishing regulations governing government procurement and auctions, submitting them to the Executive Council for approval, and supervising their implementation.

  • Establishing and developing central information systems to manage government procurement and bids, and building an integrated system that contributes to achieving the requirements of sustainable development, protecting the environment, and supporting local content.

In the field of Digital Affairs:
  • Developing, organizing, and unifying information systems and digital affairs shared between government agencies, managing and maintaining them.

  • Providing the necessary solutions to ensure the protection, integrity, and security of government data, information systems, and digital assets of government agencies.

  • Approving requests for electronic connectivity between government agencies, as well as between them and other agencies, in accordance with applicable legislation.

  • Managing and organizing the sharing and exchange of government data and standardizing it to enable government agencies to benefit from it.

  • Review and study initiatives, projects, and programs related to digital affairs at government agencies.

In the field of Customer Experience affairs in relation to government services with the following specializations:
  • Develop a unified strategy for customer experience in the emirate and prepare the necessary programs to implement, motivate, and supervise it.\

  • Developing and updating plans, programmes, initiatives, and standards for excellence in government services in coordination with the relevant authorities and supervising their implementation.

  • Create a database to inventory, classify, and manage government services.

  • Develop a system for designing government services and customer experiences and supervising their implementation.

  • Establishing mechanisms to collect and analyze customer data, needs, challenges, and expectations to measure the performance of customer experience and those responsible for providing services and supervising the development and follow-up of plans to improve customer experience.

With regard to the Abu Dhabi Unified Government Services Platform:
  • Developing and unifying systems and channels for providing government services to customers, managing and maintaining them in coordination with the relevant authorities.

  • Develop, implement, and manage digital transformation programmes, projects, and initiatives for government services in coordination with the relevant authorities.

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