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IBA Annual Conference Seoul 2019 and Middle East Alliance

The International Bar Association (IBA), established in 1947, is the world’s leading organisation of international legal practitioners, bar associations, law firms and law societies.

Inspired by the vision of the United Nations, the IBA was founded in the same spirit, just before the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was proclaimed in 1948.

The IBA organises over 50 specialist conferences globally each year as well as the IBA Annual Conference, the largest gathering of international lawyers globally, attracting over 6,000 individuals in 2018.

The International Bar Association (IBA) Annual Conference is the premier conference for legal professionals worldwide to meet, share knowledge, network, build contacts and develop business. It also served to advance the development of law and its role in business and society and to learn from the experience of others.

The 2019 IBA Annual Conference was held at the COEX Convention & Exhibition Center in Seoul on the 22-27 September 2019.

Dr Haitham Salman, Managing Partner of Middle East Alliance attended the meeting of IBA in Seoul and was a part of meetings and discussions of international franchising committee, employment and industrial relation committee, infrastructure project committee, arbitration and mediation committee.

The committee discussed climate change law in an increasingly bipolarized world. International sales trade, franchising and product law were the hot topics.

The arbitration committee made its focus mainly on new approaches and solution to deal with corruption in investment arbitration.

employment and industrial relation committee talked about the humans' right global footprint of multinational bracket. Dr Haitham’s point of views were so strong in impact that without even being a part of speakers he was invited on stage and he spoke extempore


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