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Business activities with 100% foreign ownership for investment in Abu Dhabi

In accordance with Article 10 of Federal Decree-Law No. 26 of 2020 regarding amending some provisions of Law No. 2 of 2015 concerning commercial companies, which stipulated that foreign investor is eligible to own 100% of the company's shares. ADDED has issued AD Positive List which includes 1105 business activities opened for 100% foreign ownership in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. Accordingly, from now on foreign investors, individual or have a legal personality, are eligible to have full ownership of UAE commercial companies or in any percentage in said business activities and in accordance with the defined measures in the Positive List.

The Positive List shall be subject to the modification in accordance with public interest and in line with the decision of the Cabinet regarding the identification of activities with a strategic impact that foreigners may not engage in, which has not determined yet .

Accordingly, the existing companies shall have the right to adjust their legal form, provided that they comply with the activities indicated under the Positive List.

Activities Sectors

The business activities included in the Positive List have been divided into three main sectors, agricultural sector, industrial sector, and services sector, as follows:

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