New Legal Initiatives


Muslims & Non-Muslims

Written Will is an ideal scenario

It is one of the most important documents you will ever sign


Assets will be dealt as per Nationality


Real Estate in the UAE will be dealt according to the UAE Law

Make a Will in the UAE

Making sure that your loved ones can retain the life you have built

Gift Deed / HIBA

Hiba your estate for your loved ones

Power of Attorney

POA if you cannot do some legal task yourself


Call us for assistance

Draft Will

Review the personalized drafted Will

Notarized Will

Receive your notarized Will with stamp


Single Will  -  2,500 AED

Mirror Will  -  2,999 AED

Hiba  -  2,499 AED

POA  -  499 AED

Amicable Dispute Settlement

Maintain your privacy

Litigation solves the dispute openly which could be avoided in the amicable solution

Maintain Social Relationship

Conciliation is a social peace

Save your Time

Resolving the dispute and preparing the
settlement shall be conducted within a
maximum period of 8 days

Save your Money

Conducting an amicable settlement at our firm shall save up to 80 % of our clients’ money than resolving their dispute through the court

Direct Enforcement

Unlike litigation where the enforcement
takes ages

Getting an acceptable solution

Unlike litigation where the outcome is
not always satisfying