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New Legal Initiatives


Muslims & Non-Muslims

Make a Will in the UAE

Making sure that your loved ones can retain the life you have built

Gift Deed / HIBA

Hiba your estate for your loved ones

Power of Attorney

POA if you cannot do some legal task yourself

Written Will is an ideal scenario

It is one of the most important documents you will ever sign


Assets will be dealt as per Nationality


Real Estate in the UAE will be dealt according to the UAE Law


Call us for assistance

Draft Will

Review the personalized drafted Will

Notarized Will

Receive your notarized Will with stamp


Single Will  -  2,500 AED

Mirror Will - 2,999 AED

HIBA -2,499 AED

POA - 499 AED

Drafting Wills for
non-Muslims in the UAE 


Will writing was never so easy in the UAE

The service is exclusive to non-Muslims for drafting their own non-Muslim Will. This helps them to dispose of their inheritance without any complications. Previously, the non-Muslims found it unyielding to draft a will even though the procedure for the application of the Will was straightforward. The Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD) remedied this issue by introducing an easily understandable template and publishing it on its official website. This enables the testators to draft their own Will as per their own accord.

To make it easier, we have answered a few of the frequently asked questions below;

Check out the template provided in ADJD website below

What is Declaration in your will?

The testator must be of sound mind and memory and over the age of twenty-one (21) years and not being actuated by duress, fraud, mistake, or undue influence, do hereby make, publish, and declare that this Will, including the revocation provision hereinafter contained, is made to settle his properties situated or arising in the UNITED ARAB EMIRATES only. Any Wills or codicils made prior to this Will, relating to his estate in UAE will be considered cancelled after registering this will in the ADJD.

About Distribution of Estate

The trustees have been directed - The percentage (%) place has been given for at least three trustees, but more can be added as per requirement.

About the power of executors & trustees

Trustees shall have the following powers: -

  • To pay or apply any part of the income or capital falling to the beneficiary for his or her benefit in any manner my trustees think proper.

  • To retain the same until such capacity is attained, accumulating income with capital.

  • To pay over the same to the legal guardian or the person for the time being having the custody of that beneficiary, whose receipt shall be a sufficient discharge to my trustees.

  • The trustees shall have the fullest powers of retention, realisation, investment, appropriation, transfer of property without consideration, and management of the estate as if they were absolute owners and not trustees. However, all proceeds are for the interest of beneficiaries only.

About the appointment of guardian ship appointment for the children (if applicable).

The columns have separate spaces for each child, his name, Nationality, passport number & country of residence.

Declaration of Jurisdiction - UAE.


Entitlement of insurance procedure (if any )

Wills - Non muslims
Taking Notes

How can we help ?

ME-Alliance has an experienced team of will writing experts & legal translators who can translate your English Will into Arabic without any changes. We will also assist you in reviewing the Will to avoid any future issues regarding succession. In addition to that, we assist in submitting and tracking your application via TAMM and keep you informed about the process. This service also includes taking time from the Honourable judges in processing the Will.


Documents required

Emirates ID , Passport (Original )

Proof of evidencing the ownership of bequeathed funds (Original ) and Documents to be notarized (Original).

Credit Card


The Government Fee is 950 AED. MEALC fee is negotiable as per the given hours & services.

Amicable Dispute Settlement

Maintain your privacy

Litigation solves the dispute openly which could be avoided in the amicable solution

Maintain Social Relationship

Conciliation is a social peace

Save your Time

Resolving the dispute and preparing the
settlement shall be conducted within a
maximum period of 8 days

Save your Money

Conducting an amicable settlement at our firm shall save up to 80 % of our clients’ money than resolving their dispute through the court

Direct Enforcement

Unlike litigation where the enforcement
takes ages

Getting an acceptable solution

Unlike litigation where the outcome is
not always satisfying



Adjusting the Status of Limited Liability Companies in UAE 

Update the status of your company as the law gets  amended!

Pertaining to the recent amendments to the Commercial Companies Law in the UAE No. 2 of 2015 (dated 9/30/2021), which abolished the requirement that the national partner should own 51% of the limited liability companies, we are glad to inform you that we shall be able to assist you in adjusting the status of Limited Liability Companies who have Fictitious National Participation for just AED 5000 (excluding the government fees).



For more details about the amendments and our scope of work, please find the
attached document for your reference. 

                        For inquiries, contact Mr. Ezzat

                        Alharbi on 056-678-5617


Legal Services to apply the new Labor Law

In accordance with the Federal Decree Law No. 33 of 2021 regulating labor relations that shall be applied on February 2, 2022, on all establishments, employers, and workers in the private sector in the UAE, which overrules the application of the Federal Law No. 8 of 1980 regulating labor relations shall be stopped accordingly.


The new law stipulates several essential amendments to the old Law No. 8 of 1980 such as new work patters, abolishing unlimited work contracts and apply only limited work contracts for up to three years with the possibility to renew it, work injury compensation, end of service gratuity compensation, new type of leaves, and new obligations on both employers and employees in addition to other amendment in alignment with the requirements of the labor market in the UAE.


The law stipulated in Article No. 68 of the Decree-Law the necessity of reconciling the situation of companies and employers within one year from the date of its entry into force.

- The fees for legal services mentioned in the right will be (12,000 dirhams), excluding VAT, for all the mentioned works and follow-up with the human resources department in the company to ensure that the mechanisms of the new law are applied correctly.


- The work team from Middle East Legal Consultancy firm is led by the managing partner/ Dr. Muhammad Haitham Salman, and the membership of Mr. Yasser Abdel-Raouf, and Mr. Ezzat Al-Harbi.


For further details, please contact Dr. Mohammed Haitham Salman on mobile 0506126930.

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The law stressed the need to comply with the conditions and procedures contained in it and specifies severe penalties for those who violate its provisions, as per Article 63, “Whoever violates any other provision of this Decree-Law and its regulations and decisions shall be punished with a fine of not less than 5000 dirhams and not more than 1,000,000 dirhams.


Since the application of these major changes require an organized process inside the companies to ensure compliance with the provisions of the new law as well as to avoid any penalties or legal disputes in labor courts, our office can offer your company a package of services which include the following;


  • A detailed presentation explaining the mechanisms for implementing the decree-law, and the procedures and steps to be followed to amend the companies' conditions accordingly.


  • A detailed introductory seminar on the provisions of the decree-law and its Executive Regulations and the new amendments stipulated therein.


  • Amending the companies' internal regulations and policies related to human resources.


  • Amending the code of the conducts/code of ethics of the companies to include the professional obligations of the employees as stated in this Decree-Law.


  • Amending the internal work contracts of companies in accordance with the provisions of the decree-law and work with the company’s human resources team to ensure that the mechanisms of the decree-law are applied correctly.

Legal Initiative
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